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Sunday , January 15 , 2006


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November 2005 -- Hoo boy! New layout - it's about time anyways. To celebrate my comic surviving its first 6 months and the art improving (thank goodness). I've learnt alot about that dreaded thing we call Photoshop. First time I didn't know how to even shade as you can see from the first few pages of the comic. Besides, the previous website layout was honestly (as one of my friends put it) - 'crappy'.

Anyways, enough about that! Some changes to the site include: Most of the button names have been shortened (so About is also the Cast); they gallery now links to my deviantART site instead (I won't be posting my scraps there so if by any chance you miss them then email me about it); 'Other' is basically everything else- extras, fan stuff, how to contact me etc.; and for some reason 'Links' has been changed to 'Out'.

Otherwise everything else is about the same. I'm also going to add in some new character bios so if you are really curious then go check that out. Also, contact me at

Lastly I would like to sincerely apologise to my friend, Keii for surprising her with this layout instead. I am truly truly sorry! I will use yours later, I promise >_<


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